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2020 Model Range

Revelation 1 ©

Floating techniques

The ‘floating technique®‘ uses a pen-hole construction. this gives the wood the freedom to work and adapt to its new environment.

Tom Sawyer 1 ©

Marine 1 ©

Tensioned techniques

The ‘tension technique®‘ however consists of the assembly of 9 beams with diagonal tension . bars. The IPDM rubber between the beams allows the wood to work freely and is perfect replacement of the slots.

This is our recent answer for boards that are used in extreme situations. The specific tension system makes them resistant to the harsh elements of the sea. Yes this one has been designed for our motor yacht clientele. But it rapidly also found its way to the more sophisticated residential pools.

The new “tension” system gave us the liberty to be more creative. Meet the Derover 1. Both for marine and residential pool purposes. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, they say. .

Where would you like to sit when others dive ? Our new diving bench is intended to be installed at the deep end of your pool. Sit with your feet in the water, lay down and relax or even dive from your bench.

The Diving Bench

No special techniques were needed. Assembled in 30 minutes the combination of IPE Hardwood and 316 marine stainless steel makes this a very solid attribute for your pool at an affordable price.

The Brand

A true story.

The story of Mikel Tube® starts the same as those of many others : an obsessive idea becoming a product. Created by Mikel, it grew with him. Spending hours, day and night in the workshop adjusting early concepts, finding solutions and finally creating pieces of art.

There are a lot of beautiful products in the world. But making a piece of art, used daily, out of natural products, in respect with this nature, that is enjoyed by young and old, gives me ultimate satisfaction.

I need no more than the smiles on their faces.                                    

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Customer Testimonials

This was really the icing on the cake. Probably the most beautiful diving board in the world. Thank you, great service, great product and we enjoy it every day.
Ryan B. Italy
A satisfied customer
Nice springboard! Note the dog at the end/ water mirror in the sea sunset!
Lars S. Sweden
I purchased a revolation board a few years ago (2014) and misplaced the care instructions. Can you send them to please? Thank you. Love the board
WAW This is art ! Thank you. It is really what our project needed. It matches perfectly with the pool house. My customers and for all their children love it.
When I returned on board recently I was very pleased to learn that the board we fitted was Very much in use during the course of the season. The family must still overcome their fears of using it at the second level but they are very Enthusiastic and spent nearly the whole day on it on the initiation. Also the crew is well pleased.
William R. on Oceans
Captain MY
Isabelle, thank you for your prompt response, I've received all the information I need and the customer is very enthousiast. You may expect the order by the end of this week.
Lyle M. TX USA
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