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We’ve tried to be as explicit and complete when we edited the content of this website. Normally most concerns of professionals and particulars should be answered. however, we understand that our structural logic can be misunderstood and there are always questions that remain. This section answers those questions and is updated on a regular basis if new questions arise. 

Adding a diving board to your swimming pool gives it of course a more dynamic look. We think a diving board will make it a luxury pool. And then of course a wooden diving board from MikelTube® is without saying one of the most aesthetic options in the world.

Depending of the model the wooden diving boards made by Mikel Tube® have a nice and gentle spring. They are not trampolines but they are made so that grownups can enjoy a nice dive. The Revelation 1 in a 285 cm (110 in.) length will be the most springy, the shortest version will be the less springy.. Logic.

Children love our boards and so you get the perfect combination of giving your children what they want and not ruining your pool by something you find ugly.

There is no obligation but know that our handmade covers are made out of DRALON, a special textile that will let the board breath and keep it dry at the same time. But more then that, we think it is a safety feature by which you can clearly define with the children when diving is not allowed…

A lot depends on the season, summer (USA-EUROP-RUSSIA) and winter (AUSTRALIA-SOUTH AFRICA-NZ-BRAZIL..) are busy periods and one may expect a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. If you have the option to order in spring or autumn this is reduced to 4 to 6 weeks.

We have extensive maintenance guidelines on our site which we would like you to download and read. But in a nutshell, this is IPE hardwood combined with 316 marine stainless steel which are the most resistant materials so maintenance will be limited to cleaning (use sandpaper) and giving it nourishing oil like any outside furniture made out of wood.

Know that when there is water involved, and this is in regard to all pools and motor yachts, stone is the most slippery, wood is the less. You might recall that the motor yacht decks are made out of wood.

Why ? Wood absorbs water, wood has a slightly rougher surface and if we take the diving boards in consideration, you should know that wood slightly wears out and becomes even more rough after a week or 2 of use.

The feeling and touch of bare feet on the board will be, in my opinion, just perfect.

Finally the top of our boards have a rougher surface to give extra grip when jumping

Our wooden diving boards are made for normal grownup people and will be comfortable to use until a weight of 275 lbs ( 120 kg). Important, the board is not meant to have different people diving from the board at the same time. If weight exceeds or if you want multiple users to jump simultaneously we recommend the diving bench.

We do indeed recommend to store the board in the winter (not the stand). Freezing temperatures could affect the nerving of the wood, remember a long time ago people used wood, water and low temperatures to cut rocks. But normally a little frees would not harm the board. But by storing the board on its extremities (Top-Tail) one will reverse the bend through of the board and it will stay perfectly straight

What can we say ? This is about taste, it’s about ecology, it’s about aesthetics, it’s about art … We think you know the answer.

We advise you to put the board as far over the water as possible, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for safety.

If you’d prefer to have it less over the water we state a 20 inch minimum of the board hanging over the water. 

We firmly advise to go with a simple bank transfer. All the other systems are slower, less sure and for all more expensive. A simple bank transfer gives the best guarantees for both parties.

On the offer you’ll find all the information you need to proceed. Once we’ve received the payment Mikel will put your board in production.

If you want to pay via credit card, we can send you a payment request via PayPal but, since Paypal gives us very bad exchange rates and charges extra fees, we need to add 5 % costs to the total.

There is no sense to proceed that way, since classic international transfers take like 3 days and are almost free of charges.

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