Personalise your diving board

Probably the most beautiful diving board in the world, but that doesn’t mean it will fit “as is” in every style of house. 

Standard we provide a series of options by which you can customise your board without losing control over your budget.

Of course our personal service and the craftsmanship behind each handmade wooden diving board, gives you the possibility to be creative and add special requests (lightning, depth tag, ..personalisation). 

The length of your board

All our models come standard in a length of approximately 2m45cm or 8 foot.

The Revelation 1 model has been specially designed in order to be able to provide a longer (app. 2m80cm or 110 inches) model to our customers. This could be required for outdoor pools with an automatic cover.

The Ocean 1 is our shorter board with a length of 6 foot or 190 cm.

The color of your board

We have 3 different color finishes available :

IPE Brazilian hardwood is difficult to stain, the wood is so hard and dence that only by adding layers the color can be darkened sustainably. 

  • 1 standard stain treatment will result in a natural coloured board
  • 3 specific layers of stain treatment will result in a “middle” brown result
  • Adding another 2 layers of stain will give us a dark result.

Hand finished in nuances that arise along the wood, so that we do not guarantee regular colours.

The height of the base

We have standard 2 different heights available :

  • 8 inches or 20 cm of height
  • 12 inches or 30 cm of height

One should add approximately 3.5 inches or 8 cm to these measures in order to calculate the distance between your deck and the top of the board. In adding the distance of the water level to your deck you will have the correct measures to check safety regulations.  Mikel Tube® diving boards are compliant with ANSI pool types I to IV.

The color of the cover

Your cover is made out of DRALON, a special material that helps your board to breath and so avoids moss and UV radiation to affect the condition of your board. It is handmade in our workshop to ensure the perfect fit on your custom made board. We provide a standard choice of colours based on the popularity registered the year before. 

And when children are instructed that a covered board means there is no diving allowed, it becomes a safety feature.

Cover colours



Marine Blue


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