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Diving envelope

Diving envelope means the minimum dimensions of an area within the pool necessary to provide entry from a diving board, platform, or attraction segment where users enter above pool water level.

To put things simple : Wherever the diver can reach when diving from the board should be the deep end of the pool. 

Out of all standards that exist worldwide we have picked those of the USA National Standard for Residential Inground Swimming. These rules are our guidelines since they are the most strict in the world. Our boards comply with pool type I – II – III and IV.

You’ll find all kind of weird formats in this official note, don’t you worry, these are minimum requirements and if you respect those, you can create whatever project you want.  Download the full documentation.

Foundation & installation

1. Universal designed stand - bracket®

The stand (bracket, foot) is specially designed© to spread the forces equally from deck over stand to board. 9 anchor points on the top, 8 anchor points to the deck. The deposed design takes in account the upward forces at the tail and the downward forces at the top.

Suitable for Motor Yachts and luxury residential inground pools, outdoor or indoor. Can be placed on the concrete deck around your pool, or on  the carbon fibre or fibreglass hull of your boat.

Universal for all boards makes that the board can be replaced by any model if desired.

This design can be completed with a personal touch if wanted. Some customers embed it in the deck, others will cover it with the same tiles or wood used for the deck, but most customers like the minimalistic style and leave it as is.

2. Installation experience

Be aware that the forces at the top of the bracket will be downwards and those at the tail will be upwards. So the most important part is at the tail. You can use chemical anchor or, what we recommend, concrete anchor bolts as shown below. in case of a MY you might want to secure the base with bolts, washers and nuts on the ceiling one level down.

Note that the bolts base to deck are not provided since every deck needs a specific approach.

The board has a minimum weight of 85 kg (210 lbs) so installation is a 2-professionals job. 

3. Sizes of bolts and foundation

As for the size, this depends on the deck. A 316 (SS) bolt of 1 cm (0,4 inch) thick that enters minimally 10 cm (4 inch) into the concrete part of the deck should do the trick. Be sure to secure all 8 attachments.

Normally the tiles on a deck of these types of inground pools are posed on a concrete layer of 6 to 8 inches thick. This should also already provide a solid surface on which a board can be installed.

The issue is the surface of this deck. If it is a solid plate that goes all the way around the pool, there should not be an issue. If not, we recommend to pour a concrete block under the foot. A kind of ballast that will keep everything in place. Typically this would be 1 m³ (35.5 ft³).

3D View


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For the record : The first drawing we ever received, precious !

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